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Smart contract for pre-ICO and ICO - development, audit, deployment, management
Blockchain > Ethereum
July 27, 2017
Est. Duration
1 Week
Est. Commitment
5 Hours Per Week


I have some basic understanding of smart contracts.

Here is my question on StackOverflow: https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/21548/where-to-find-ico-contract-with-linear-logarithmic-decrease

Here is my blog post about ERC20 token and gas fees dominated in ETH that is an obstacle for mass adoption: http://blog.mostlydoing.com/2017/06/erc20-token-fees-on-ethereum-network.html

(I’ve deployed my own ERC20 and I’m keen to learn more)

I’m looking for consultant / advisor who will help us with the pre-ICO (and then ICO) contract. First money coming in goes towards legal, branding, design – making the project more presentable…

I’ve already had a great experience on the Moneo platform and I’m looking to work with you in the future.

Thank you:
• https://moneo.io/job/158-ico-legal-accounting-need-help-with-incorporation-country-jurisdiction
• https://moneo.io/leehills

You can also find the collection of links: https://astralship.org/ico (back in a day I’ve read every single article about ICO)

I’m always here to answer your question, use iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal: 0044 758 629 4279

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