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BlockChain Social Media Platform
Technology > Web Design & Development
July 20, 2017


I am looking for seasoned blockchain developers for the development of a social media platform.

A recreation of facebook on the blockchain whereby advertisers can purchase ad space, but rather than the ads appear just on the Home wall, users can share the ads to their private walls in exchange for some of the revenue. All revenue exchanged would be in the form of an internal cryptocurrency.

There are some additional features we would like to implement as well but we are keeping those private until we have things in place with the developers we have selected for the project.

When you submit your bid, please bid as an estimate of completing the project as a whole. For example, we have Facebook clones written in different languages. We could start with that while integrating them into the Blockchain as a prototype. What would you charge to do something like this?

Bids that say “This is too complex a job to bid on by a fixed costs” will be ignored. If you have the experience, you can give us a realistic idea as to the typical development costs of such a project. Break down the project and how much time it would take to complete each milestone and put a price to it.

We are looking to pay for a functional prototype while establishing a long term partnership for a potential ICO.

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