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Launching Affiliate Network for bitcoins/blockchain
Blockchain > Technology Consulting
July 18, 2017
Est. Duration
1 Month
Est. Commitment
30 Hours Per Week


We want an affiliate network for coins. Affiliates get paid in different cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, or WAVES.

Once paid, the affiliate should be able to cash out the cryptocoin that he earns manually to the cryptocoin address that he chooses. For example, if he gets paid in ETH, he can then cash out to an ETH wallet.

Some features:

  • Only 5 pages on the website until an affiliate logins.
  • Once logged in an affiliate should be able to view statistics which includes: Clicks, Leads, Sales, Revenue Share as well as a screenshot of the total amount earned in each of the cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the platform.
  • An offers page where an affiliate can view current promotions and sign up for each promotion. This page should feature the merchant name, merchant logo, as well as the commission that is paid out.
  • Once an affiliate chooses to sign up for an offer, the affiliate can access a promotions page which features banners, logos, or other marketing tools.
  • A Statistics page where affiliate can see amount earned in: Last Year, Current Year, Last Month, Current Month, Yesterday, Today, and a search by date function.
  • An administrative section is needed to create new offers for affiliates, as well as review sales from affiliates, amounts earned, etc.

Some of the affiliate programs will be ICOs. We need a system where sales from ICOs can be tracked to the affiliate. For example, if an affiliate sends a customer who buys 10 ETH and this offer paid 3% commission of the ICO amount raised, the affiliate would get compensated 3% in ETH which equals 0.3 ETH.

Please let me know what your previous experience is including launching ICOs, launching new cryptocurrencies, blockchain work history, etc. If you do not have experience in this space please do not bid. This will save everyone time, as he will not choose anyone with no experience in this space, I appreciate your understanding.

Please give an estimate on the number of hours needed.

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