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Feasibility Report - Payments in Nigeria
Blockchain > Blockchain Consulting
July 15, 2017


We want to develop a payment processing platforms (website and an app on iOS and Android) that merchants and individuals can leverage on for simpler, swifter and more secure payments, purchases and remittances with traditional and crypto currency.

The platform shall be centered on “Accepting and Processing Naira and Bitcoin Payments”, and “Remittance”.

Based on the advantages of the digital payment system in today’s Internet age, the platform shall be designed with a view to deepening the acceptance level and use of cryptocurrency among online merchants and retailers in Nigeria and by extension, Africa; providing a payment gateway that is truly designed to simplify payments and tailored using the blockchain technology.

The ease of converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency will be one of our unique selling points. As much as possible, merchants and retailers should be able to accept and withdraw payments seamlessly, swiftly, easily, and affordably.

Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, has a large but unfulfilled market in terms of online payment options. We want to provide scalable solutions that can be easily adopted.

In the meantime, I need to clear some doubts with respect to the business model and it’s implementation (adaptation) in the financial space in general and Nigeria in particular.

Hence, since you are into Blockchain Consulting, I would like to engage you to research on the business side of providing Bitcoin Payment Gateway services to retailers/merchants – its pros and cons; competitor and business model analysis using BitPay as a case study.

I need to know how feasible and practical it is to venture into a bitcoin payment gateway and remittance business.

Kindly quote your consulting fee for the above and time it will take you to complete this take if engaged.



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