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Build BTC Wallet App
Technology > Software Development
July 8, 2017
Est. Duration
3 Months
Est. Commitment
15 Hours Per Week


I’m starting a business. It’s called Coin Sherpa. The mission behind the company is to help foster mainstream adoption into the crypto space. My goal is to ship a new kind of investing tool (wallet) backed by a cryptocurrency mutual fund and proprietary coin/token.

I plan on achieving this, with your help, by creating a simple wallet with automated USD / BTC investing. Familiar with the app Acorns? Yeah, I want to clone it’s functionality but instead of ETF’s and USD, I want to convert USD into BTC and invest in my own crypto mutual fund, rewarding users with my own coin (minting) as well as market growth.

Basic needs are as follows;
- someone who knows what the hell they are doing
- development as well as blockchain consulting
- a strong working knowledge of fintech, finance, trading & Acorns app

Basic product needs are as follows;
- core wallet (send/receive BTC)
- purchase BTC via USD
- automated investing protocol
- banking API integration & transaction recording
- accrual investing I.E. (12 TX = a(benchmark) = BTC buy)

This is the basics. Get users to download, receive or invest BTC, link bank account, and setup automatic drafts.

The mutual fund doesn’t exist at the moment, Working on that.
The coin (srp) doesn’t exist, will need help with that.
Will need investing analytics for users to track performance
Will need investment risk tolerance (portfolio type) selector
Will need system for user rewards
Will need full system admin and dev ops help

I’m happy to hire but ultimately looking for a technical partner long-term. I have partners that run a mining operation with 16 rigs and one that’s a finance guy who understands US Markets, the SEC and laws regarding what we can and cannot do, legally.

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