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Ethereum Advisor (contractor or board possibilities)
Technology > Software Development
July 6, 2017
Est. Duration
1 Month
Est. Commitment
5 Hours Per Week


doGood’s software is designed to give the world a more democratic method of solving complex problems. The system enables any person or organization to do all of the following:

• Identify and scope the problems and solutions,
• Organize teams around problems,
• Manage the protection of intellectual property,
• Raise the funds needed to execute,
• Manage risk by using the scientific method to quickly find processes that really work,
• Share insights within your organization or with the broader community,
• Facilitate the dialog process between funder and funded.

All of the above is combined with a blockchain-based incentive and governance system. As such, doGood is in the process of assessing the possibility of conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

We are seeking an Ethereum guru with a strong reputation within the industry and ICO experience who can join our team as an advisor. The above described platform is complete, and Ethereum functionality has been developed to facilitate the governance system. However, we need an advisor to help us determine what should and should not be included in doGood’s token ecosystem.

We’re seeking an individual who would take into account several different ways in which our system could work with an eye to helping us determine how best to create a system that will achieve our goals, not have security flaws, and drive a successful ICO.

Depending on the extent of the involvement, this person would either assume a role as a contract consultant or as a member of our board of advisors.

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