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Launching an ICO
Blockchain > Ethereum
June 20, 2017


Not gonna say too much about the idea because we have no patents on it and its a brand new concept.

My company is starting an ICO and we’ve already began development on the website and we are aiming to launch the ICO countdown a month from now. We’ve created an entirely new idea thats never been done before and will be revolutionary. Our idea has never been done before in crypto space or in the entirety of the internet. Our vision with this coin is to provide decentralized jobs for the economy as well as give back by donating a set percentage of earnings to charity every year. I will explain this more in depth after we talk more and get an NDA signed.

I don’t understand how blockchain technology works as far as the programming side of things, but we have a team so far of 3, I’ll be creating innovational ideas to make our coin a dream come true for investors, and I specialize in internet marketing. I know where to invest our promotional budget to get the best output on the internet. Our team also consists of my dad, Jon who will be handling all of the branding and graphics. He is a graduate of the art institute of pittsburgh and has done artwork for multimillion dollar companys. He’s been doing graphics for over 25 years. Our other teammate is a web designer who has about 20 years of experience and has been coding websites since the beginning of the age.

I contacted you because I am looking to build a team of highly skilled software engineers that understand and have a background in blockchain technology. I am especially in need of a lead developer who can handle the public relations for the company and answer any questions that our investors may have during the or before the ICO launch. I want someone with a lot of blockchain background to represent the brand.

I understand this will be a very expensive job and I am ready to pay 6 figures to each blockchain engineer or a partnership to have my idea developed.

I’d like to talk more via skype.

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