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Experienced Social Media Manager for Blockchain Startup
Marketing > Social Management
Contract Started
September 18, 2017


We’re recruiting a social media manager, with a knowledge of the bitcoin / blockchain industry, to work approximately 1-2 hours a day to promote and manage the social feeds of: https://moneo.io. Ideally you will be a native English speaker, with a strong marketing head, and able to get on and deliver great things with no micro-management.

You must have experience working with a reputable startup (ideally blockchain) and be able to demonstrate the quality of your work / past successes. This blog details what we need: https://blog.bufferapp.com/hire-social-media-manager

You will need to:

  • Manage strategy with Trello, schedule campaigns in Hootsuite, and analyse campaigns / experiments with MixPanel and Google Analytics
  • Write engaging, well written, relevant, and professional copy / images when promoting us, and engaging with customers / partners.
  • Choose what content to promote from our site (landing pages, freelancers, gigs, etc.), and provide feedback on what content / blogs we should be creating
  • Find trending content and influencers, using tools like BuzzSumo, and promote relevant articles you find
  • Setup tracking and quickly engage with fast moving industry events, and tracking for brand keywords
  • Manage channels: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Reddit

We don’t just want a social media presence so our social channels look active, we want measurable benefits as a result. We also don’t want to worry about how you represent our brand, i.e. no typos, poor quality images, etc. Most importantly, you need to make a difference and prove to us that social media can be a good marketing channel.

To start with we suggest 1-2 days to put together a strategy / plan, then start to execute on it. We’re really looking for someone exceptional. We are looking to tokenise our equity, and for the right person who gets results, we would reward you with equity: https://moneo.io/job/118-legal-advice-on-tokenising-equity-stocks-on-ethereum

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