Freelancing on DREAM

Published on January 23, 2017 08:00 PM

Getting Started

Quality is central; our clients want to work with the best freelancers.  You need to complete your profile to:

  • Get listed across DREAM (search results and talent pools)
  • Get notified about, and invited to new jobs
  • Submit proposals for jobs
  • Have your profile and gigs indexed by search engines (like Google)
  • Enable technical SEO optimisations

To ensure you can access the benefits listed above:

  • Add a logo or personal photo (please no low quality stock photos)
  • Add well written content, with keywords relevant to what you do
  • Add your skills, experience and achievements (link to portfolios of your work such as GitHub or Behance)
  • Add examples of past work and photos to your gallery (with text descriptions)
  • Create gigs with unique photos and descriptions
  • Increase the number of social media shares
  • Set a location in the Settings popup (we then add GPS coordinates for search engines to localise your profile)
  • Complete the DREAM application form, and SMS verification
  • Build ratings from clients

When your profile is approximately 70% complete, it will be automatically submitted for review. We manually review and approve every freelancer application, and work one-on-one with clients.

Write Good Copy

You can add copy (text) in the following places:

  • Freelancer Profile Name
  • Summary
  • About
  • Experience (skills, qualifications, achievements)
  • Blockchain Resume

The good copywriting blog explains styles of writing, and here are some examples of copy. Avoid lots of punctuation and lists of keywords; ensure it's easy to read.  Please don't add URLs, phone numbers, or emails as they will be removed.

You can use stars (*) to create bullet pointed lists on your profile.

Select Relevant Categories

Categorising your profile and gigs to will help us match you to clients. It's important you only select categories relevant to your services.

The primary category is what's used to match you to jobs, and on our search pages.  So ensure your primary categories are accurate.


Gigs are optional and ideal for fixed price offerings, and are a great way to start a relationship with a client, for example:

  • One Hour Skype Call - Ask me anything about your project
  • Project Scoping - I'll scope your project, with timelines, costs, and any risks

Offering discounts and promotions will entice new clients, and help build ratings, e.g. “First 30 Mins Free”.

Each gig creates a unique page that is included in DREAM search results and indexed by Google. We'd recommend creating three gigs to increase your exposure. You could try using different pricing for the same service, e.g. Standard, Premium, or Gold; or different types of services.

When you create a gig you’ll see what you'll earn (with our fees deducted) and what the client will pay.

After you create the gig, we automatically change the price on our website (approximately every 10 minutes) according to Bitcoin exchange rates. This ensures you are better protected against exchange fluctuations.

Showcase Your Past Work


Upload examples of your past work and photos; ensure you use the cropping tool to create nice thumbnail previews.

We recommend adding descriptions to gallery photos so we can create HTML ALT tags. When search engines index your profile, they'll know that a photo is (for example) a "Banner Illustration for Marketplace Startup" and not just a meaningless image.

If you're struggling to find good photos for your gallery and listings, there are loads of free ones out there like this 21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos along with Pexels.


Add as many relevant keywords as you can here, and specific skills and programming languages are good.

Please only use the URL section to link to examples of past work or projects, not commercial websites, stores, social media profiles, or contact us pages.

Logos and Banners

Uploading a photo of yourself, or a business logo to personalise and improve the engagement with your profile.

You can select a banner from our free gallery to personalise your profile. If you have your own banner image you may upload it.


Your profile is automatically linked to a country based on the currency you select; this allows clients to filter by region and country on the Moneo search pages.

If you provide country specific services, you can add locations on a map in your Profile Settings. When you do this we will add GPS coordinates to your profile, which has SEO benefits. For example, if somebody searched for "Ethereum Developer London" you would stand a good chance of getting matched if you added London on your map.

SMS Verification

This is optional and the feature is mainly to increase customer confidence. We understand the importance of privacy within the blockchain and crypto community, and you will not be penalised if you don't complete verification. 

Moneo Application

This process is in beta.  We validate the skills and experience of all freelancers, to ensure you're part of an exclusive network.

Spread the Word

Share your profile with friends and on social media, help us achieve the network effect! The more social shares you have, the higher you'll rank higher on our site, and the happier we'll be :)

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