Jobs and Project Milestones on DREAM

Published on May 16, 2017 02:36 PM

Whatever method you use to hire a freelancer on DREAM, you can add milestones to your project. Before we explain milestones, let’s quickly recap on how you can hire a freelancer:

  • Hourly Job – For longer term projects, with a flexible budget, and multiple payments
  • Fixed Price Job – Receive proposals, fixed price, with immediate payment
  • Gigs – Fixed price, with immediate payment

Our Welcome to DREAM blog gives a more detailed explanation.

What is a Project?

After hiring a consultant you are taken to a status and management page. Here you can discuss the scope of the project, check payment status, and when the work is complete, leave feedback.

What is a Milestone?

A milestone is a specific deliverable (e.g. write a document) at a fixed price, or based on hours. Either you or the freelancer can create fixed price milestones, or the freelancer can create hourly milestones (timesheets), based on their hourly rate.

For example, if you hired a consultant for a fixed price consulting gig for one hour, but then wanted them to work on your project for three months, you can simply create milestones.

Milestones allow you to continue working with the freelancer, and making regular payments based on their work.

The client, and freelancer can add fixed milestones

The freelancer can add hourly milestones (timesheets)


Each milestone is separately funded in an escrow account. When the milestone is completed, you can release payment for just that milestone.

You can fund the milestone before the work is started, or when it’s completed. Keep in mind that Bitcoin exchange rates can change and the amount you pay is fixed at the checkout page.

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