Driven by ghostwriting ambitions and an interest in the Bitcoin topic
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Marshall Gosbjorn


Driven by ghostwriting ambitions and an interest in the Bitcoin topic

$20.21 /hr
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A Unique Perspective

Optimistic and Divergent by nature, I can offer creative solutions to Real-Time situations with confidence and ease.

Integrity, Diligence, and Imagination

Driven to provide you with quality work that you can put your name on.



With a talent for academic recognition and the persevering character from an obstacle-ridden origin, I strive to bring a “thick-skinned” acceptance of the integrity of secrecy to your ghostwriting experience. Informed and cultured, passionate in a wide array of topics; I allow for easy to understand articles and research notes that contain an attention to detail that you can feel confident putting your name on. Using my creative nature, I will strive to bring your story to life using the tone, slang, perspective, and other writing fundamentals you see fit to use for your task. With a mix of optimism and curiosity, I will bring my efforts to explore the future with Bitcoin and Ghostwriting.


  • Out of "the Box" thinker with a GED
  • GED
High School Honors Recognition and Academic Excellence Awards
I created a Facebook page: Bitcoin Employment Association
I bought some Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM and bought a Bitcoin Debit Card
Blockchain Resume

Due to the confidential nature of ghostwriting, I will not disclose any information regarding any real or imagined former ghostwriting contracts.


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